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Khristie! Wyner! Lookit! They’re so fluffyyyyyyy! AND they clean up after themselves! Just lookit! The fluffiest one at the end is a bit slow but so, so cute. That third one next to the fluffy one is the rebel, you can tell. He’s a troublemaker, that one!

Highlight Medley - LOVE. IT. ALL! Some songs have such a different feel from the M version! Why is it all I hear on this one is Baekhyunnie?? (Not saying that’s bad or that the songs will be that way, but his voice is so front and center in this medley!)

Highlight Medley. IT. IS. AWESOME. I like everything I hear so far! Is that Xiumin I hear with a long solo part in, like, the fifth song? Wooooo! SM is listening!! Kris - I hear you back there and you sound so good!


So my dear B2uties, I have decided to sub Beast Showtime but as usual, it’s in parts. It’ll be uploaded to my only YouTube channel, “Eunfame YouTube” (lame I know I created it when I was like 8) which has my uploads of B2ST Weekly Idol etc. so stay tune, beast Showtime part 1 will be up by 12am KST

B2ST & B2UTY is my first and ultimate fandom, I’ll be forever dedicated :DD DO SPREAD


Meet sherlock’s sister, Sesame! #kitten #cat #catlover #sesamethe cat #sherlockthechihuahua


Meet sherlock’s sister, Sesame! #kitten #cat #catlover #sesamethe cat #sherlockthechihuahua

Epik High and Nell

Was just re-watching this (yes, at work) and I’m just reminded of how sexy intelligence is. I can just listen to this man talk all day. If you’re familiar with any of his work (personal or as part of Epik High), you know he’s got this poetic sensibility that’s just so captivating. I just love a well-spoken man. He’s so amazing ~ one of my all-time heroes! 

Hugh Jackman sings “Who Am I?” …Wolverine version!

(I was the definition of delighted while watching this. He’s just so awesome!)

Showtime: Burning the Beast (Teaser)